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As the leaves begin to fall, college football is the go-to Saturday event, and temperatures start to drop (kind of) it is a clear indication that fall is upon us. Many churches host Fall Festivals or Trunk-or Treat events as a safer alternative. This can be a great opportunity for your ministry to reach the community. READ MORE >>

An important component for churches sharing the WORD is transportation.  One of the most common methods of transportation are 15-passenger vans. These vans provide room to move large groups of people without requiring a commercial driver’s license. READ MORE >>

A recent claim occurred at a Louisiana church in which a pastor’s boat was parked in the PARSONAGE garage and the wind blew a large tree down on the structure, demolishing the boat.   Lightning struck the parsonage at another Louisiana church, causing a fire that destro... READ MORE >>

More than half of the most expensive hurricanes in the United States occurred between August 2004 and October 2005 causing more than 80 billion in damages.  There have been no major hurricanes in Louisiana recently but do not let that discourage your vigilance. READ MORE >>

With the frequency of mass shootings tripling from 2011 to 2014, armed security in churches has moved to the forefront as a crucial topic of discussion in today’s CHURCH WORLD!  David Galloway, with LOUISIANA CHURCH INSURANCE INC., is a requested speaker across the state at church conferences to discuss this insurance risk. READ MORE >>

 Why do church insurance rates keep going up?  The frequency, severity, and cost of wind-hail storms is the driving factor.  Louisiana has a coastal exposure on the south and borders tornado alley on the NW.  We can get hit from several directions. READ MORE >>

Often asked is, “Why do churches need a WORK COMP policy?”.  Many churches have the mistaken impression that their CHURCH INSURANCE POLICY will cover injuries to their paid workers.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!        READ MORE >>

As we look out our windows and see everything covered in pollen one thing is certain: Spring is in the air! While you may be preparing your sinuses for a Louisiana Spring, did you know there are certain steps you should be taking to prepare your place of worship as well? Even the Lord's house needs a little work from time to time. READ MORE >>

Most people think of a church as a safe area where violence and emergencies cannot affect them.  However, violence and emergencies in churches are not a new phenomenon.   While today’s focus is directed on VIOLENT ACTS, reality confirms that you are much more likely to have a... READ MORE >>

 PROTECT YOUR FACILITY FROM FROZEN PIPES IN BITTER WINTER WEATHER The recent temperatures across Louisiana have been frigid. Cold weather can have hazardous effects on buildings, one of those being frozen pipes. The pipes in warmer climates, such as Louisiana, are more vulnerable to freezing. READ MORE >>

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